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 שיתוף הלמידה על "הגל" התבצע גם במסגרת שיעורי אנגלית: תלמידיה של דבי גזית  - מכיתות ט'4 ו-ט'5 – קוראים את "הגל" בשפת המקור בלבד – אנגלית.

 קראו את מה שכתבה דבי:

As part of the collaborative learning project on the Wave, the A level English class has chosen to read the novel in English. Most of the reading will take place independently at home and in class, but some of the chapters will be read together. Since a third of the class also learn in the two homeroom classes that are additionally reading the book in Hebrew, most of the work on the book will revolve around process writing in the students' journals and class discussion and debates on the controversial issues which it raises